We are pleased to announce the 9th Euprera PhD seminar. The PhD seminar will be held at the University of Oslo October 5-7.

It is highly recommended that PhD students attend the congress as well as the seminar. There is always a special package fee including both events. For PhD student attending both the congress and the PhD seminar an informal get together will be organized during the first day of the congress to support networking during the congress.

The aim of the seminar is to provide an international setting where doctoral students within corporate communication and public relations can present their ongoing work, get feedback from experts and peers and establish a valuable network for the future.

The seminar will benefit from the impact of the congress. The main focus of the seminar will be on the work in progress of participants. A special focus will be on the variety of subjects, approaches and methods that are found at different universities. A variety of working forms will be organized to make it dynamic and inspiring. Small lectures and general discussion on research methods and philosophy of science will be included.

Before registration participants must submit a one page abstract of their PhD project together with documentation of their enrolment as PhD student. The subject of the PhD project must be related to public relations and/or organizational communication. Submit to Professor Inger Jensen inger@ruc.dk and Professor Øyvind Ihlen oyvind.ihlen@media.uio.no, who will reply directly to you. There is no deadline for submitting abstracts. However, as the number of participants is limited and as we reply directly after submission, we strongly recommend submitting the abstract as soon as possible.

Deadline for submitting your paper presenting your project is by September 14. It is recommended that the paper is problem focused rather than conclusive. It should be a description of the subject of interest and the theoretical and methodological approach and indicate what kind of feedback is especially wanted. Indicate also the phase of the PhD project between start and end, so that feedback could be stimulating and fair to the process.

Participants must make a presentation of their work at the seminar and prepare to give feedback to 3 papers that must be carefully read on beforehand. Shortly after the papers have been submitted, a detailed program together with all the papers and instruction about presentation and feedback responsibilities will be distributed.

An important role of the PhD seminar is the opportunity to network with peers. It is important to share the working hours as well as the time for socializing with the seminar group. Therefore, you should not plan private tourist activities during the seminar days.

Please note that accommodation for students attending PhD seminar has been arranged at Haraldsheim Vandrerhjem.

Further information regarding accommodation


Experts and facilitators:


Inger Jensen is Associate Professor Emeritus in social sciences at Roskilde University

Inger Jensen is Associate Professor Emeritus in social sciences at Roskilde University. One of the initiators of the master’s degree program in public relations at Roskilde University.

Research and teaching areas: Strategic Processes, Business Ethics, Organisational Legitimacy, Social Responsibility, Human Resources, Competence and Public Relations.

Member of research network on Agents and Institutions – on opening the borderlines between economics and sociology. Past President of EUPRERA and chairman of the Research Committee. Member of the jury of EUPRERA-students award.

Supervisor of Ph.D. students in public relations. December 2000 – April 2007 vice rector of Roskilde University. Responsible coordinator of EUA project on Creativity in Teaching and Learning.

Contact: inger@ruc.dk




Øyvind Ihlen (dr.art., 2004) has written and co-written over 60 journal articles and book chapters, as well as eigth books. He is President Elect of EUPRERA and serves on ten editorial boards. Honoraria include:

  • Keynote address International Conference on Social Responsibility Education and Practices, July 3-5, 2014, Izmir, Turkey
  • Keynote address PR and Disruption: Embracing and Surviving Change, July 10, 2013, the London College of Communication (LCC), University of the Arts, London
  • Keynote address Strategica International Conference, June 27, 2013; Bucharest, Romania
  • Highly Commended Paper 2012 (“Framing expertise: A cross-cultural analysis of success in framing contests”) Journal of Communication Management
  • 2011 Pride Award for Best Scholarly Book for Handbook of Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility, awarded by the Public Relations Division of NCA
  • Keynote address The Eleventh National Communication Ethics Conference, June 3-6, 2010, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, US
  • Best Paper Award of Corporate Communications: An International Journal in 2008 (Emerald Literati Award), for the article ”Mapping the environment for corporate social responsibility: Stakeholders, publics and the public sphere”
  • 2008 Pride Award for Best Article for “Building on Bourdieu: A sociological grasp of public relations,” awarded by the Public Relations Division of NCA

Contact: oyvind.ihlen@media.uio.no