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Professional Impact Award

Emerald Group Publishing, Ltd., publisher of Journal of Communication Management, will present the Professional Impact Award at the Euprera conference. The award will recognize the best research-based paper that is not only academically sound, but which makes an important and useful contribution to the practice of communication management. The paper should address issues of current concern to managers and should also successfully discuss the research’s implications to managers and for practice. The paper should also reflect the theme of the conference.

The winning paper will be selected by the head of the Scientific Committee, the chair of the current organizing committee and the editor of Journal of Communication Management. A representative from Emerald will present the award during Euprera hour.


Best Reviewer Award  

Since the work of the reviewers is an essential contribution to the quality and the success of the Annual Conference, this year The Best Reviewer Award will be given to the person who did the most careful, thorough and useful reviews. This Award is a further step in reaffirming the mission of our Association;  that is to develop and spread innovative and high-quality knowledge.

The candidates for the Award are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • accuracy and precision in completing all review form fields
  • a balanced evaluation that summarizes not only the weaknesses but also the strengths of the paper
  • concreteness of suggestions on how to improve the paper, both analytically and theoretically
  • proposing of other literatures or studies the author might look to

The winner will receive a certificate and will be honored during the Conference Awards’ ceremony.


Best Paper Award

For the 4th consecutive year, Euprera will award the three papers with the highest rankings in a two-stage, blind peer-review process performed by a Scientific Committee of renowned international scholars. All papers submitted and presented at the congress are eligible.





PhD Award for Excellent Doctoral Theses

We are pleased to announce the first edition of this bi-annual award, to honour academic excellence in the fields of PR and communication management.

The winner will be invited to present his or her doctoral theses at the Euprera annual congress in Oslo – travel expenses within Europe and accommodation offered by Euprera.

Any doctoral theses in any language is eligible, provided they have been formally accepted at a European University within the last 24 months before the submission deadline (April 15, 2015).

Download Call for Applications




Master Thesis Award for Excellence

The 21st edition of this award will honour and reward master theses (MSc, MA and MPhil theses) that make a significant professional/ practical or academic contribution to the field of PR in Europe.

The winner of each sub-category will be invited to present his or her master theses at the Euprera annual congress in Oslo – travel expenses within Europe and accommodation offered by Euprera.

All theses assessed and classified by the University of origin up to 13 months before the date of submission of the abstract to the jury (deadline for submissions February 27, 2015) are eligible for submission.

Download Call for Applications